Choosing the Right Sewing Fabric for Your Outfits

Unlike most guys I know, I actually enjoy spending time at the local sewing fabric store. There have been many occassions that my wife is standing in line to get her fabric cut when here I come with several other options that I have found for her to inspect. I like fabric that hangs right, with prints that look to scale, and colors that go well with the doll it is being designed for. Many times my wife has told me, "You always pick fabric that is difficult to sew on."

This section is about the material you use to create your outfit. Before we begin though, it is only fair that I warn you of one of my wife's pet peeves. She never uses velcro when making doll clothes as it is too bulky and diminishes the life of the garment. (i.e. snags seams inside, snags the doll's hair, etc.) If you have questions about velcro you may email us and she will answer them.

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Sewing fabric comes in various types and each one has different responses when you sew them together. Follow this link to read about things to take into consideration when choosing which type of fabric to use in creating your outfit. It makes a big difference what you choose depending on what the fabric is supposed to do and how you want it to look.

Sewing on vintage fabrics has it's own set of challenges. Not to mention being able to readily find this material. This section deals strictly with stitching those vintage creations. And a few tips on where to find it.

Grain line has a lot to do with your finished product. It is important to know and understand "grainline" and how that will affect your garment.

What about elastic? Is there some better than others? DE shares her ideas here on that question, including a neat way to make those great summer swimsuits.

Laces and trims have special considerations as well.

The type of thread you use to sew with can be a curse or a blessing. Find out why.

Before you begin you need to prepare your sewing fabric, patterns, and trims. Tips for washing, pressing, and other prep are found here.

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