Part 3: Photographing Dolls -
The Subject

Common mistakes when photographing dolls can be avoided by making sure you look at your doll carefully a couple of times before taking the picture. I’ve taken many a great shot only to find out later that a zipper was down, hair was stuck in the bush, or a fly had landed on the doll. The following are a couple of bloopers that I made which could have been avoided.

Framing your doll in the photograph is another thing to consider. When it's possible, I like to use natural elements such as rocks and trees to frame the photo. Some are more obvious than others. Careful here once again to watch how your focus works on your camera. Often the frame gets focused and the doll becomes blurred. I have a focus lock on my camera, which basically means that I can focus on the doll and then move my camera right or left and still keep the original focus. My subject becomes off center but is still nice and clear.

Doll Photography frame picture

Using rocks and trees
to frame the doll

Doll Photography frame picture2

Here I focused on the doll and then moved my camera
to place the doll off center using "focus lock".

Doll Photography focus lock

Posing your doll can sometimes be tricky. Walk around your dolls and ask yourself a few questions. Avoid the deer in the headlights look by dropping their chin down slighty or shoot from a higher angle. Is her head turned too far? If you have two dolls talking to each other, are the looking at each other in a natural fashion. A few small adjustments can make a big difference.

Much more can be said about this. Hopefully these few tips will help you as you share your photos with your friends.

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