Part Four: Photo Editing
Your Doll Pictures

Your photo editing software is your darkroom. It would be nice if every picture you took came out perfectly. Adjustments such as crop, red eye, sharpness, brightness, and contrast can all be managed from your computer.

Be sure to save your original photos before you edit them. Burning them to a CD is one way to do this so that you always have access to the originals if you need them. I have an external hard drive that I save my photos in.

If you don't have the software to adjust your photos, most stores that develop pictures have a kiosk that you can plug your camera card into and make adjustments to them before you order prints. They also give you the option of burning a CD of your pictures.

If you develop your photos on your computer, I suggest that once you open the photo you want to edit, SAVE it as a TIFF file before starting to edit it. That way your original will be untouched. Tiff files do not loose quality during the editing process where as jpg files do. Once all your editing is complete, save your final photo as a jpg. This reduces it back to its original type after all editing is complete. At this point I rename my photos to somethig I can remember. The file name may look something like this; "Beverly Beach 1124". I keep the original file name number with the new name so that I can easily find the unedited version.

If you are going to email it, that would make a difference in how you edit it versus if you are going to have a print made. If you are going to email your photo or post it on an internet site such as Prego (a community doll board), I would resize the photo to where it looks good on my computer at 100%. Your original photo files are way too big to email or upload to the internet. If you were editing the photo to have it printed do not reduce the size. In this case the bigger the file the better.

Next photo editing adjustment is "contrast and brightness". If given the choice I would recommend using the "levels setting" in your photo editing program instead of "brightness". "Levels" gives you more versatility. "Contrast" helps give that photograph a little extra "pop".

Summarizing I recommend getting familar with:

#1 Saving your photos as a tiff image before editing

#2 Learning how and when to resize the photo

#3 Learning how to crop the photo

#3 Learning how to crop the photo

#4 Learning how to color correct and use the levels to adjust brightness.

#5 When happy with it, saving it in a jpg format.

Get the basics down first and you’ll be amazed at what a difference it can make in your pictures. Finally in this section I wanted to direct you to the instructions on how to get your photos from your computer to sites like doll boards, forums, your auction, or just to share with your friends. The following link to “The Doll Page's” Instructions for picture posting should give you all the information you need to successfully upload your photos and share them with others on the internet.

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