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Although there isn't a whole lot here yet, we plan on adding many more free patterns for you to make yourself. So we hope you either keep checking back or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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Our first installment. This pattern is for the ball jointed size dolls and is fairly easy to make. Hope you enjoy it.

Pattern Number One: How to Make a Tie

Doll Type: BJD

Keep those bjd gentlemen of yours looking sharp with this classic tie for those special occasions. Click the text link above and happy sewing.

Pattern Number Two: How to Make a Beret

Doll Types:
  • American Girl, Patsy Ann, Chatty Cathy, and similar
  • Super Dollfie, 14" Effanbee Toni, and similar
  • Kish 14", Kish seasons, Betsy McCall 14", MSD, and similar

Patterns found elsewhere on the internet.

These are not ours, therefore if you have questions about them, we more than likely can't help you.

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