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It will open the free beret pattern you need in a pdf file.

Print out the pattern on a normal 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

(Adobe Reader required)

Pattern for American Girl, Patsy Ann,
Chatty Cathy and similar size dolls
(click here)

Pattern for Super Dollfie, 14" Toni, and similar size dolls
(click here)

Pattern for MSD, 14" Betsy McCall,
Kish 14", Seasons and similar size dolls
(click here)

This pincushion icon used in this free beret pattern indicates a sewing tip or clarification

This free beret pattern also shows how to measure and cut a perfectly sized neckscarf for your doll.

You will need:

Fleece (I suggest micro chamois because it is lightweight and stretches....if you cannot find micro chamois fleece, then choose a lightweight fleece that has 1-way stretch......which means it only stretches either horizontally or vertically but not both. If you use fabric that stretches in both directions, the beret will be distorted.) I have also made these from light weight angora sweaters that I picked up at thrift stores.

All seams are 1/4". I have shown the seams in white thread so that you could see them more clearly. In reality, you should sew these in thread to match the fabric. Always remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of each seam.

Step one: Pin pattern to fabric making sure to pay special attention to which way the fabric stretches and making sure that they are placed on the fold as indicated on the free beret pattern. Cut.

Step two: Fold beret band right sides together and stitch the short side

Doll Beret Pattern for American Girl

Step three: Open the band and begin to fold the band in half, wrong sides together (the seam you just made will be on the inside as seen in the next 3 pictures) and pin.

Doll beret pattern

Doll pattern beret Betsy McCall

Doll pattern beret Patsy Ann

Step four: Stitch 1/4" from pinned edge, slightly stretching this edge as you go. Gently now.....don't stretch too much.

Doll Beret Pattern Toni Effanbee

Step five: Pin the sewn edge of the band to the inside edge of the beret bottom (the inside of the circle shape), matching the the diamonds to the diamonds first and then stretching the band to fit the beret bottom the rest of the way. It should look like this:

Doll Beret Pattern Super Dollfie

And if you flip it over, it will look like this:

Doll Beret Pattern MSD size

Step six: Stitch from the band side, following the stitching that you previously did on the band so that your seam will be perfect. Do not stretch while sewing this seam. Just let your machine pull it through at it's own pace.

Doll Beret Pattern for Kish

Step seven: Clean-finish the seam. You have a few choices in how you can do this. You can either pink the seam with pinking/scalloping shears, or you can zigzag the edge, or if you have a serger, you can serge the edge. I'm choosing to serge, so my next pictures reflect this.

Doll Beret pattern for Chatty Cathy

If you serge, bury the tail when you are done. Cutting the tail too closely will cause the serging to come undone. Pull a large eye needle into the serged seam and then thread the tail and pull through to bury. Clip off any excess....see next two pictures for this detail.

doll beret pattern for Betsy McCall 14

doll beret pattern for asian ball jointed dolls

If you sew a lot of doll clothes, keep your serger set up for clean finishing by removing the left needle, leaving only the right needle in the machine for a three-thread serger stitch. This allows your serger to sew a smaller edge that does not bite into your sewn seam too deeply and gives a nice neat finish.

Step eight: Pin top of beret to bottom of beret, right sides together.

beret pattern for 14

Step nine: Stitch seam and then clean-finish the edge (again, it is your choice as to method on this......mine shows a serged finish).

beret pattern for american girl dolls

Step ten: Turn right side out and voila! A lovely beret! And so quick, too!

Little extra.......if you want to add a little tip to the top of your beret, cut a small pointy scrap of your fleece and attach to the center....bringing your thread up to the top from the inside of the beret. Stitch and knot on the underside.

doll beret pattern for Patsy Ann dolls

But wait! A scarf is a wonderful accent to your lovely new hat and here is how to do a quick and simple one!

First you must measure your doll so you get just the right length. Place a tape measure around the back of your doll's neck and center it so that the end of your tape measure is on one knee and the other side is on her other knee. Whatever that measurement is, that is how long you want your scarf to be cut. In the case of the doll in the picture, that length measured out to be 24 1/2".

American Girl doll measuring a scarf

Now you know how long it should be, but what about how wide it should be?

If the scarf is for a chubby doll (like American Girl, Patsy Ann, Chatty Cathy and similar sizes, cut your scarf 3" wide.

If the scarf is for SD sized ball jointed dolls, cut your scarf 2" wide.

If the scarf is for MSD sized ball jointed dolls, 14" Betsy McCall, or similar sized dolls, cut your scarf 1 1/2" wide.

Make sure that when you cut your scarf, you cut is so that it stretches lengthwise.

Once you have cut your doll's scarf to the appropriate length and width, fringe the ends of the scarf by taking equal size snips on the ends.

scarf for dolls

One of the wonderful things about working with fleece is that it does not fray. Don't you just love that?

These are so fast and easy! I hope you will enjoy making them.

**Please Note** This free beret pattern is for your personal use. You may use any of my patterns to make things to sell, but you may NOT sell this pattern. These patterns are copyrighted. If you use any of my patterns to make things to sell, I would ask if you would please give credit to American Doll Outfitters. Thank you so much for understanding how much work went into making this free beret pattern and it's tutorial.

And I just wanted to share this little ditty to encourage those of you who are just learning how to sew doll clothes. We were all beginners at one time. Keep chugging away at it and remember:

Good, better, best.
Never let it rest,
'Til your good is better
And your better is your best! 

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