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Fashion Dolls

Doll blouse 16 inch Tonner

Fashion dolls come in many different sizes. It's been a while since DE has sewn for Barbie, but these samples show another side of this style.

Photo to the right is a well fitted summer blouse for the 16 inch doll by The Tonner Doll Company.

The right size notions such as buttons, zippers, and snaps are important to keep in mind when sewing for dolls. Click here for our source page of doll clothing supplies.

Talk about sizes for notions and accessories, it was my job to find earrings, a necklace, and bracelets for the wedding dress below. Can you picture me walking though the mall with this girl checking out the nose rings and piercing retailers for jewelry to match our wedding ensemble?

16 inch fashion doll wedding dress

Mix and match sets are great ways to create different looks. Below is just the thing that says your doll means business. This set was also created for the 16 inch size.

Fabric weight and print scale are extremely important to the look of your finished garment. These girls can get pretty small as these 'Tiny Kittys' demonstrate. There are lots of details to consider when choosing your materials.

Tiny Kitty doll fashions

  Let's not forget the bigger girls.
  Here's a nice peasant dress. This
  girl stands 22 inches high.

  Below is a spring outfit for the
  larger Kitty Collier.

Look for our discussions regarding fabrics, prints, buttons, and other details when creating doll outfits.

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