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Behind the Scenes!

Ah....behind the scenes! A stage set complete with positional lighting for dolls and accessories! What does it look like? Here's a picture taken during a photostory shoot to give you a glimpse into our setup.

Dolls and accessories scene setup

The set is quite adaptable, consisting of 5 sections of office partitions. One side of the partitions is beige and the other is blue, so wall color can be changed easily. We can also cover them with material and have other wall color options. We even have a beautiful door to close the whole set.

And on top of that...not only do our dolls and accessories fit inside it, we can too! Okay, only one of us can play inside at a time. Because it is an enclosed space, light is captured very well as it cannot escape the angles of the walls. The walls can actually be configured in many different ways. This set has been used for Hunt and Lassiter's office, a couple of different restaurant scenes, bedrooms, a lobby outside a family services office, and a jail cell. We love it!

With dolls and accessories it takes a little creativity but it is amazing how a little goes a long way. Here's the same set only this time it's a doll size Japanese restaurant.

This set was used for another photostory entitled "Fortune Cookie". It involved our industrious Mr. Hunt trying to play matchmaker by arranging a romantic introduction between his partner, Devon Lassiter and the local doctor. Devon was not happy with this little scheme by the way.

dolls and accessories setup for photostory

I'm sure this little setup can be used for many kinds of applications and if you have the room (approximately 5' X 8') it would make a great backdrop for photographing all sorts of smaller articles.

Here are the specifics just in case you're feeling creative and have a use for a similar arrangement.

The partitions are 4' by 4' and were purchased at a used office supply store. I paid $10.00 each for them. I purchased an extra half moon shaped partition to use for different applications such as room dividers within a room. The partitions have threaded holes at each end so I bolt a brace on the ends of two of them to secure them together. I try to make the walls easy to separate so that I can remove a wall and take photos from different angles.

The partitions have cloth walls enabling us to insert large needles into them as an easy way to secure wall decorations, pictures, curtains, and other items when changing the scene. Magnets work wonderfully as well and can be used to hold articles in place. Velcro has applications here as well.

Most of the time we have it set up in a carpeted room or can set it up somewhere else using a portable piece of carpet for the floor. The dolls we use are made of resin and could easily be damaged if they fell onto a hard floor.

Lighting: We have some portable studio lights mounted around the set and track lighting that adds great atmosphere to the scene. We also have miniature working lamps with the cords running under partitions that plug into an outlet for realism.

It's much like a movie set in that there is plenty of hardware strung all over the place but it's kept totally out of the camera's lens.

Ok, how about a Mexican restaurant? You never thought dolls and accessories for them could be so involved, huh?

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