Doll Photo Story
Hidden Agenda - Act Four

This is the fourth act of our doll photo story. Again most of the clothing was made by Elizabeth. In this segment we faced several challenges. During the first photo shoot we ran out of light and had to mark all the places the dolls were in and come back to shoot another day.

We also faced the problem of posing a lot of dolls at the same time. The surface wasn't flat so that made it even harder to position them and get the shots we wanted. Then there was the poses of the shoot out. Well, I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Continued From Act Three

ball jointed doll photostory

photostory of ball jointed dolls

ball jointed doll photostory mystery

Photostory of ball jointed dolls solving mystery

mystery adventure featuring ball jointed dolls

doll mystery adventure featuring ball jointed dolls

adventure featuring doll as characters

ball jointed doll action adventure story

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