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Doll play is not only for children. Doll collectors share their hobby in many different ways. Many like to display their dolls on the shelf or in various scenes to enjoy. Dressing them and rearranging them perhaps for holidays or seasons of the year. There are dolls in our collection that fall into this catagory.

Many of the dolls we own were purchased as models for making doll clothing. DE generally won't make clothing for a doll she doesn't have in her possession. She insists on being able to honestly say that her clothes fit a particular doll.

There are dolls however that are actively 'played with'. One of the things that DE and I like to do is to create photostories. Our dolls interact with each other and dolls belonging to other people. These stories stretch our imaginations to create props, costumes, scenes, photos, and to write the stories. We even built our very own doll scene setup to create all sorts of scenes. (Click link to check it out.) This has become an interesting hobby for us to enjoy together.

Follow this link to learn more about doll accessories and props.

Doll photostory sample picture

Currently the ball jointed dolls are our choice for these stories. Why? We can pose them in many ways including the position of their eyes, physical characteristics such as hair color / style, and face makeup.

Right now our stories are geared toward the adult collector. Our main characters are private investigators and they deal with adult situations. Many people have followed these stories with interest so we are placing them here.

bjd photostory hidden agenda

Click here for Hidden Agenda - Act One

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