Doll Photography Newsletter
Issue #1

We thought having a doll photography newsletter tip of the month would be an interesting feature. Lots of people photograph their dolls for various reasons and since I’ve taken tons of photos, perhaps some of you would enjoy my thoughts on doll photography every once in a while.

I’ve recently read “The Moment It Clicks” by Joe McNally a veteran photojournalist for Life magazine. The book is about one-liners he’s heard from photographers and editors in his business. I’ve always loved finding unusual angles and places for my photographs so the first one-liner in Joe’s book made me think of this month’s doll photography newsletter tip.

Joe’s one-liner “Get Your Camera in a Different Place”

I could rephrase that to say “Get your doll in a different place”. Whatever the reason you photograph your doll, try taking the photo from a different angle other than dead on with the doll sitting on the shelf or the kitchen table. Set the doll up in a place where you can move around it as much as possible. Shoot every angle you can. You might surprise yourself at the kinds of photos these angles will produce.

Not everyone is like DE and I. We do take our dolls to lots of different places to photograph them. There are times that those kitchen table shots are appropriate but for all the reasons I can think of that people photograph their dolls, the kitchen table doesn't have to be the norm.

Put something in the way of the doll that you have to shoot around. Taking a photo of your doll through a keyhole for example. Wouldn’t that be a recipe for a great photo? Anything that adds interest to the scene to help create a different angle or concept that highlights the subject in your photo.

So here’s my doll photography newsletter challenge to you for this month. The next time you take photos of your doll, tell yourself to get out of your comfort zone and look at every angle you can find and shoot some pictures. Put things in your photo such as plants, room accessories, fence posts, etc. and take a few shots through or around these to create an interesting effect.

Take the doll outside near the flower garden or other interesting feature in your yard. Let your creative juices flow and see the neat things it will come up with. Part of the joy of photography is the ability to create. So.... experiment. Think outside of the norm and if it doesn’t work the first time, try something else. You can always press “delete”.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

Out in a near-by garden or park. (And remember, overcast days are perfect for taking pictures. Better than bright sunny days which are generally too bright.)

What about an interesting angle with the doll looking through the space in the fence. This puts an air of mystery in your photograph. What's she looking at?

Are you taking photos for E-bay? That's why these photos were taken. We got a lot of bids on this little guy.

It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. A little imagination can go a long way to add interest to your pictures. This gal is peering around the corner of a wall.

Hang on girls! (They are sitting on a weather vane in the backyard)

Add a few props in your photo to create interest. A couple of ducks, a basket of flowers, and a ladder. It's simple but effective.

So you see, it doesn't take a whole lot to turn an average photo into something a bit more creative. Watch out though! You could begin to enjoy it so much that you get as crazy as I am.......

No doll was hurt in the making of this photograph. Yes, she is in the river. And yes I am a little nuts……lol.

So you get the picture. I challenge you so give it a try and have fun taking pictures. That's your doll photography newsletter tip for this month.

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