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Don't you hate discovering sites that have a great descriptions only to find the doll links to be dead? We do!

Welcome to our Doll Links page. Here you'll find links to doll and sewing related sites on the web that we feel are worth recommending to you.

*Our commitment - No dead links here*

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Doll Clothes

Becky Colvin's a high school English teacher, currently staying home to fulfill her first job description which is being a Mom to her son Jeremy. Her doll clothing specialties are jeans & tee shirts, followed by hand-knit sweaters (with both cable & fair isle designs). The dolls she creates for include Tyler Wentworth, Matt O'Neill, and Ellowyne Wilde from Robert Tonner. Riley, Bitty Bethany, and 14" Chrysalis dolls from Helen Kish, as well as Heidi Plusczok's Candy. (Click photo above to visit her)

Magazines, Publications, & E-zines

BJDcollectasy is an internet news magazine for the BJD world, ... BJD Collectasy also offers information, advice, and of course lots of pictures of asian ball jointed dolls.

Fashion Doll Quarterly issues appear on newsstands and in mailboxes in January, April, July and October. They have done special issues in the past for several conventions, such as IFDC, Volks Dolpa,Tonner, Barbie,Gene and Fashion Royalty conventions. Follow this link to the main FDQ website. Follow the logo to a free sample copy.


This is a reference for anyone interested in locating BJD doll patterns. You can view pictures of the completed patterns by clicking on the + symbol. The BJD Pattern Index was created by Mel with the help of many other awesome doll fans. Thank you so much everyone ^.^ (Click logo to visit site) **I'm not sure how often this is updated but it definately can point you in directions to look for patterns that you may not have thought of.**


LeeAnn's photography has always inspired me. She's very festive and creative and is an active participate in the fashion doll hobby. Welcome to 5th Avenue Vixens! The site is always in a continuous process of being updated with new dolls and photographs. So please check back often to view any additions.

To visit ----->>

Photo Hosting

TheDollPage is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Steve and Rae Malarkey, and has been online since March 6, 2003 and encompass many needs of the online doll collecting community. There are 2 separate Photo Albums for picture hosting; an “Auctions & Classifieds” site (with its own forum); “” a doll links list of forums; the “Show & Sell” a free sales and trading site and our newest site, the “Sellers Market Place” where members who wish to have a more permanent presence on the web can open and maintain an on-line doll store within our doll mall to sell their wares.

Doll Shoes

If you signed up for our newsletter, you'll remember being formally introduced to Deb, of "Deb's Adorables" in our very first issue. Deb has shoes for Chatty Cathy, the 8", 10" and 18" Ann Estelle, Helen Kish dolls (Riley, Tulah, Bitty Bethany, Dj, and the Four Season's girls), Kripplebush Kids, Charmin Chatty, Chattyette, Katie, Giggles, Sandy McCall, Tonner's Michael, Bitty Baby & Twins, Kissy, Ginny, My Twinn Poseable, 8" & 14" Betsy McCall, Ginny, Adora Belle, American Girl, Magic Attic, Lee Middleton Toddler, Tyler Wentworth, Terri Lee, Katie, American Girl, Magic Attic, Hopscotch Hill Collection & coming soon.....LARK! (Click logo to visit her store)

Doll Shops

Started in 1993, Denver Doll Emporium went from a small doll shop carrying mostly vintage dolls, to a full scale store with antique dolls, as well as many new doll lines, bears, paper dolls, books and supplies. Doll lines currently include: Madame Alexander, Adora, Barbie, Berdine Creedy, Effanbee, Helen Kish, Life of Faith, Pauline, Heidi Plusczok, Robert Tonner, Tyler Wentworth, Vogue Ginny, Zwergnase and even Steiff animals. They also carry beautiful ball jointed dolls from Elfdoll, Angelregion, DIM Dolls, SoulDoll, HappyDoll, Domuya, Dollzone, Unidoll, Notdoll Lab and more. (Click Logo to visit site)

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