A portfolio of doll clothes
created by DE

Sewing doll clothes has always been DE's passion. I think you should see some samples of the types of clothes she makes. I've broken down this page by the genre of the doll making it easy for you to jump to those of interest. This isn't by any stretch of the imagination a comprehensive list of all the doll clothes she has made, but just a splattering of samples to help you get those creative juices flowing.

Let's see what we have.

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Lately our interests have been directed toward the Asian ball-jointed doll.

Here's an update for you. Recently we added an Iplehouse EID gal to our doll collection and Elizabeth went into swimsuit design mode once again. These are really cool. She started developing them for other ball jointed dolls as well. Click picture on right or this Doll Swimsuit Designs Link to check them out.

We actually had a murder-mystery published in FDQ (Fashion Doll Quarterly) with our bjds (ball jointed dolls) as the actors. More about this in our Doll Play  section. Just like the movies these actors need costumes as well. Some people think these resin dolls are pretty scary looking but they are gaining in popularity so you never know when one of them might need an outfit.

Patsy Baby Doll clothes

Baby dolls are a joy to have around the house and DE has a special place for them in her heart. Making clothing sets is a specialty of hers. Many are vintage dolls and most of the clothing is constructed of vintage fabrics and trims or modern day equivilents (provided it passes her idea of quality). Some specifics from this catagory are Tiny Tears, Dydee Baby, Linda Baby, and Ginny Baby, just to name a few.

Fashion doll clothing
DE blames me for getting her to sew for fashion dolls.
  Why? Well, I enjoy posing them as subjects of my hobby, photography. Gene Marshall by Ashton Drake, Tyler Wentworth, and Kitty Collier by Robert Tonner are known to find their place in front of my camera wearing outfits designed and crafted by my lovely wife. A wonderful creation for one such doll is a beautiful wedding dress that one writer of Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine challenged her to create from scratch using no available pattern or design. Click on the thumbnail to see this and other images of fashion doll clothes.

Little girl doll clothes

Little girl dolls
  are among her favorite candidates to sew for. DE adores sewing for Betsy McCall by Tonner as well as the vintage girls. Riley, Tulah, Bitty Bethany, and The Seasons girls by Kish are among other favorites. Patsy, Terri Lee, Chatty Cathy, Toni, Saucy Walker, and the list goes on . In this catagory the Hansel and Gretel costumes that DE created for Betsy and Sandy McCall are some of my favorites.

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