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The doll tutorials on this site tend to get spread all over the place so this page is here to gather them into one spot so that they are easy for you to find. These cover various aspects of the hobby so I'll try to categorize them for you.

If you've found an excellent 'how-to' elsewhere on the web and think it would benefit those that visit our site feel free to let us know about it and we can look at including it as a resource here.

Doll Clothes and Sewing Tutorials

free tie tutorial and pattern

How to make a tie for your doll. This sewing tutorial includes not only a free doll size tie pattern but step by step instructions on how to make it. The ball jointed doll pictured to the left is wearing a tie made from this pattern. Click the picture to the left or here to go to the free tie pattern and tutorial.

doll beret pattern
How to make a beret for your doll. This is another free doll clothes sewing pattern and tutorial on making a doll size beret. These doll berets can be made in various sizes to fit the needs of your specific doll. Click here or the picture to the left to go to the free beret pattern and tutorial.

Ball Jointed Doll Tutorials

ball jointed doll glue suede link

So your ball jointed doll doesn't want to hold a pose very well. One step in the process of getting that doll to stand on its own is to glue suede the joints. You've probably heard about this procedure but have never tried it yourself. Now you can with this bjd glue-sueding tutorial. Click the picture to the left or right here

Doll Photography Tutorials

doll photography tutorial link

Here's a doll photography tutorial to help you get started with the basics. Some of this information you may already know, but there may be a new tip or two here to help you look a little differently at the way you photograph your doll. Click on the picture to the left or here to go to this tutorial.

Ball Jointed Doll Art: The Making of a Photograph is an article I wrote awhile back that appeared in the "Doll Reader" magazine. This article may give you additional insights when photographing your doll. Here's the link, or click the picture to go there.

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