Part Five:
Doll Photography Tutorial
Go For It

This doll photography tutorial shares some of the things I've learned while taking pictures. Other than a photography class in junior high, all my expericence has been purely from just going for it.

The development of the digital camera has made it possible for more of us to experiment with our photo taking skills and learn through trial and error. The expense of film developing and processing is no longer an obstacle for trying new things. I take a lot of pictures when I go out on a shoot. It doesn’t cost me any more money to take 24 photos than it does to take 100 photos. Gotta love that !

Although the learning process doesn’t come without expense. I tend to go on hiking trails, near cliffs and waterfalls, and other places that just inspire me. I’ve taken my camera with me, setting it up in the middle of a stream, or on the edge of a precipice. Needless to say, accidents happen and I’ve broken several cameras in the process. It’s a sinking feeling to see your camera get smashed against a rock as it tumbles over a ravine into the stream below. Been there ........ done that. I am definately a student in the school of hard knocks. I am however enjoying the education.

Hopefully you got something out of this little workshop that you can use. Below is a fun little photo gallery of some of my doll photography. Click on the pictures to take you to the larger view. Have fun with your dolls, have fun with your camera, and the best advice I can give you is to just.... Go For It!

Doll is an Iplehouse Freesia Doll is a Luts Lishe
Doll is an Elfdoll Soah
Doll is a Cutie Delf Cory
Click thumbnails to view larger image
Doll is a Dollmore Model Ipsae Doll is a Dollshe Afghana
Doll is a Luts Lishe Vampire
Doll is a Kish Elektra
Click thumbnails to view larger image
Doll is a Baby Supia Doll is a Tonner Jane Repaint
Dolls are Happy Doll Dorothy and Volks Yukinojo
Doll is a Happy Doll Teenie
Click thumbnails to view larger image
Doll is a Tonner Esme Repaint A couple of Elfdolls
Doll is an Elfdoll Ruru
Doll is a Happy Doll Dorothy
Click thumbnails to view larger image
Doll is a Tonner Angelina
Doll is a Volks Yukinojo
Doll is an Elfdoll Ruru Doll is a Volks Yukinojo
Interested in more doll photography. May I direct you to The Doll Page website where owners post photos of their dolls and you can too.

A search for dolls on Flickr might also be a place to look for more doll photos of all different types.

Looking for some photography resources? Try looking here.

Little Girl Doll Clothes

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