Doll Photography Tutorial

Display Your Dolls in Their Best Light

This doll photography tutorial is set up to provide you with some doll photography tips and is geared toward digital cameras. We hope this might help you in some small way improve your picture taking skills. Click on the links below to navigate to each particular chapter in the tutorial.

1. Part One: Basic Equipment

2. Part Two: Lighting

3. Part Three: The Subject

4. Part Four: Photo Editing

5. Part Five: Go for it!

Internet doll message boards are great avenues for finding out more about dolls you are interested in. This particular doll photography tutorial was written as a workshop for one such doll board called "Prego". They had a little mini-convention featuring workshops, games, and other fun activities for the members not able to go to a larger convention taking place at the same time.

Doll magazines are also ways you can learn more about what's available in the doll world. My photography experience gave me the opportunity to write two articles about doll photography entitled "Dolls In Focus" parts 1 & 2 for Haute Doll magazine in October and December of 2007 respectively.

I recently made this little video highlighting our dolls and uploaded it to YouTube, Metacafe, and other video sharing sites. This one is entitled "The World of BJDs".

The World of Bjds - The funniest home videos are here

Many people we know love to share their collection with friends and others who have similar interests. If this describes you then we hope this doll photography tutorial contains a pointer or two to help you on your way. There are tons of other reasons to photograph your doll. To sell in on-line classifieds, post on auction sites such as E-bay, to share photostories, and to send pictures when inquiring as to your doll's value are just a few of them.

For me personally, the above are all reasons I got into photographing our dolls in the first place. It was after one particular ebay auction photo in which the photograph turned out especially well that I not only photographed our dolls for the exquiste outfits my wife made and sold, but I also photographed them as a hobby.

Tonner Doll Montana Getaway Sydney

Please note that all photos are mine and not to be used without permission. We are not affiliated with the Tonner Doll Company, Kish and Company, The Luts Doll Company, The Ashton Drake Doll Company, Rainman, or any other company possibly represented here.

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