Part Two:
Doll Photography Lighting

Doll photography lighting is as varied as you want it to be. I have taken indoor photos of dolls in all kinds of lighting situations, from light coming through windows to ott lamps. Use what you have available.

I like having a light that I can hold. Mounting my camera on a tripod, I position my doll and move a hand held light around to get different results. When I like what I see I take a picture and then move the light around some more. Below you can see several shots taken with different effects just by moving the light around.

doll photography lighting example

Digital cameras have different settings that you can adjust your camera to when taking indoor photos. Incandescent light, tungsten light, flourescent light, and flash are a few of the settings available. One of the settings that I find pretty useful is the white balance setting. Placing your camera on this setting and holding a white piece of paper up to it and pressing the shutter will program your camera to what is white for that lighting situation.

I love taking pictures outside. I can’t stand being inside on a nice day. If the sun is out, postition it behind you when taking your shots. If you are facing the sun the subject has a natural shadow. To equalize this use your flash.

doll photography outdoor flash

Full sun is not the best lighting situation for taking pictures. In this situation you may want to look for a nice spot in the shade or a filtered sun roof. Believe it or not, overcast days are better for taking outdoor doll photographs.

Remember, in photography it’s all about light. Look at the way the light is hitting your doll. A few slight adjustments could be all it takes to make that picture pop. With a digital camera you’re not spending money on film, so you are free to do all the experimenting you want without film developing expense.

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