BJD Tutorial
How to Glue Suede Your Doll

This BJD tutorial is on how to glue suede your doll. I have been amazed at the difference this procedure makes in aiding Asian Ball Jointed Dolls hold their poses better.

Here we go...........

Our patient is a Happy Doll Teenie for this tutorial.

Items Needed:

  1. Hot Glue Gun
  2. Hot Glue
  3. Towel
  4. Piece Of Scrap Paper
  5. "The Patient" (Your Doll)

After gathering all the materials needed I check to make sure that the stringing of the doll is nice and snug. The head cap is removed on our patient because this one is held on with magnets and I will be handling the doll quite a bit and don't want the cap to fall off.

Note: All ball jointed doll owners know they need to be careful handling their dolls so as to not touch their faces.

Here's the set up.....

ball jointed doll glue suede materials

Happy Doll Teenie ready to be glue sueded

For this BJD tutorial, I will lay the doll on a towel to keep her comfortable and to keep her from sliding all over the place. My glue gun tends to slowly drip so I place the scrap piece of paper under the tip to catch any excess glue. I make sure that the tip of the glue gun is clean before plugging it in because I will be using the tip to help spread the glue. Plug the gun in and remember to watch out for the tip as it does get pretty hot.

Once I have everything together and I'm waiting for the glue gun to heat up, I check all the joints for cleanliness. I then pull the lower part away from the joint I want to work on and carefully hold it to one side.

Move the lower joint away when glue sueding ball jointed dolls

Holding the glue gun in the other hand I apply a drop of glue to the cup part of the joint. Then I use the tip of the gun to spread the glue evenly across the surface, being very careful not to come in contact with the elastic with either the tip or the glue. I add more glue as needed until I have a nice thin even spread of glue.

A thin coat of hot glue applied to a ball jointed doll

Then I wait about 30 seconds for the glue to set and move the elastic to the other side.

Spread the glue with the tip of the gun when glue sueding ball jointed dolls

I then apply glue to the area previously blocked by the elastic string, again spreading it with the tip of the gun. Once the entire surface is completed I wait another 30 seconds to let the glue set.

Applying hot glue to a ball jointed doll

Depending on the size of the doll, I generally do this to all the joints including the head. Once completed, the doll holds a pose so much better than before. I hope this BJD tutorial proved to be helpful to you. Here she is standing on one foot after applying glue to all of her joints.

See? No real mystery to it at all! Anyone can do it!

Ball jointed doll after being glue sueded

The glue acts as resistance to the movement of the joints in such a way as to make them hold poses. With lots of play, the glue will eventually wear but it removes very easily and can be reapplied to the fresh surface. It also acts as a buffer between the two pieces of resin rubbing together constantly.

There you have it.............and here is our "Cricket" ready to play......

asian ball jointed doll Happy Doll Teenie

Note: The steps you have seen in this BJD tutorial, I have done to countless dolls and have had nothing but positive results. If you are still squeamish about doing it yourself, I can do it for you. Feel free to email me using the form below to find out more information on this and other services we can provide for your BJD's (along with a detailed fee list).

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