The Hunt and Lassiter Adventures
A ball jointed doll adventure

Welcome to the ball jointed doll adventure playground. This is the first in many photo-stories we created with our ball jointed dolls. Orlando Hunt is played by a Volks Yukinojo and his character is written by Darling Elizabeth. Frank writes for the character of Devon Lassiter in this series. She is a Dollmore Ipsae. Dr Anders is also written by Darling Elizabeth and he is a Dollmore Kyle.

Two Private Eyes

Orlando Fitzgerald Hunt
and Devon Starr Lassiter


Two Different Worlds

The Contemporary [Human Lands] and Not So Contemporary [Elven Lands] in a bjd doll adventure series.

We begin our adventure in the office of Hunt and Lassiter. We created this office with $10.00 office partitions that we got at a used office supply store. Various other props were gathered at doll shows and antique consignment stores as well as in unusual areas like an ice cream shop.

Most of the outfits you see in this adventure were created by Darling Elizabeth. She also did the face-up for both Devon and The Doctor. We created a lot of the props as well especially those made of paper or femo.

Truth or Consequences
First in a series of ball jointed doll adventures

Well it appears that our introduction to this group starts out a little awkward. Poor Devon, she doesn't usually get that embarrassed. What is it about the good doctor that got her so wound up. You'll have to stay tuned to see what happens next.

Some notes about the office set up. Although it is rather large and takes up a bit of space it wasn't all that expensive to make. We've used various combinations of these materials to come up with other rooms for our stories. With a little bit of imagination you'd be surprised what can be created with the minimal amount of materials. See some of those applications here.

We also took photos of our scene for purposes of continuity so that after we took it down we could remember how to set it up again as close as possible to the photo shoot we had done before. It had come in handy many times to remember where particular items were in the scene. We've gathered a considerable amount of props over the years doing these stories. That too is part of the fun of creating them. Finding neat props to enhance the stories.

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