Ball Jointed Doll
Sample Creations

Ball jointed doll corset dress body suit

First off, a nice corset dress for the 60cm ball jointed doll
how about keeping those lines sleek with fitted body suits?

ball jointed doll peasant blouse

A wonderful peasant blouse with eyelet closure detailing.

ball jointed doll shirt and tie

Your men are not complete without tailored shirts and ties.

Oh and by the way, that Hawaiian shirt reminds me,... make sure your girls don't head for the beach without the proper swimwear.

ball jointed doll swimwear

Whether you have teens or younger kids,
leisure time is more enjoyable with the right attire.

ball jointed doll leisure clothing

For Arabian Nights, we can't forget those harem and genie costumes.

bjd harem genie costume

And be sure to let them be confident
underneath it all!

bjd underwear

As you can see when it comes to BJDs, DE and her sewing machine are hard at work keeping them well attired.

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