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Hello from American Doll Outfitters,

Dolls in Focus is our newsletter or (e-zine if you will) about and for those interested in dolls, doll clothes, accessories, and much more.

Issue #001 March 15, 2009

We started creating in December of 2008 and have learned plenty about the art of building a website in the short three months it's been. We're excited about being able to share our love of dolls with you and hope you are able to benefit from the information, tips, and resouces available here.

In this issue we want to:

  • Introduce ourselves
  • Tell you where we want to go with our website
  • Introduce you to a wonderful shoe outfitter
  • Share a photography tip of the month

1.) Just this week we added the "About Us" page to our website and wanted to let you know it was there, in case you missed it. It gives a little history of who we are, where we've been, and puts a name with a face for you. (Click here to read our About Us page )

As you can see we know a fair amount about dolls and have been around them for quite some time, yet we know that doll collectors are as unique as the dolls they collect. Everyone has different tastes and different uses for their collections.

2.) So what we want to do is develop a resource that you can come to and discover more about the world of doll collecting in a fun and unique sort of way.

Doll clothes are pretty important when it comes to dolls. After all they don't want to sit around naked all the time. This does tend to be the case at our house, since many of them are being fitted for new outfits and are typically in some state of undress.

One way for them to get the clothes they need is for you to make them yourself. Many of you love to sew. Sewing is a skill that goes hand in hand with doll collecting. Many also make clothes to sell as a source of income. Since DE falls into these categories she wanted to write a book on sewing for dolls but life got in the way. This website gives her an opportunity to share her knowledge with you.

The sewing instructions, articles, tutorials, and topics discussed on our website are written with the adult collector in mind. We want to develop the website around all things doll related and not strictly doll clothes. That's the reason we used the term "outfitters" in our name.

Shoes, hats, wigs, eyes, props, etc. are all items we use to outfit our dolls and information related to these accessories will find a place here on our website. To provide this resource well we hope to get feedback from those that visit the site to let us know how we're doing or suggest topics to discuss that help them find answers to doll outfitting questions.

Bottom line is we would love to get input from all of you about ideas that would make the site a content rich environment that benefits those who stop by. So please feel free to let us know what kinds of topics, tutorials, or information you would love to see.

Outfitter In The Spotlight

3.) We had the pleasure of meeting Debby Hull from Deb's Adorables this month and wanted to share our experiences with those of you that have signed up for our newsletter. DE has known Deb for a few years now, but until recently had never met her in person. So since she only lives about 45 minutes from us, we gave her a call and drove up to visit with her for an afternoon. We had a great time and got to know Deb a lot better than we ever could have by talking over the phone. She's a wonderful person and we even had the pleasure of meeting her cat, Wiggles, who loves to 'meow' her opinion.

So what kind of outfitter is Deb? She's a shoe outfitter! And boy does she have a LOT of shoes! Currently she lists them on Ebay under the seller name of **2debsadorables**. Her ebay store name is:

Deb's Adorables

Deb had originally started out with shoes for Chatty Cathy because she had been trying to find some for herself, but couldn't find any that were a good fit & a good quality shoe. And shoes for Chatty Cathy has led her to shoes for so many other dolls. And don't we all need to have footwear for our dolls?

Deb has shoes for Chatty Cathy, but so much more. She has shoes for the 8", 10" and 18" Ann Estelle, Helen Kish dolls (Riley, Tulah, Bitty Bethany, and the Four Season's girls), Terri Lee, Kripplebush Kids, Charmin Chatty, Chattyette, Katie, Giggles, Sandy McCall, Tonner's Michael, Kish, DJ, Magic Attic, Bitty Baby & Twins, Kissy, Ginny, My Twinn Poseable, 8" & 14" Betsy McCall, Ginny, Adora Belle, American Girl, Magic Attic, Lee Middleton Toddler, Tyler Wentworth, Terri Lee, Katie, American Girl Hopscotch Hill Collection & coming soon.....LARK! (I'm peronally looking forward to shoes for Helen Kish's new 14" girls! Yay, Deb!) ***Breaking News*** Deb now has shoes for CH Petite AI as well!!!

She carries other doll related items such as wigs and things, but her forte is doll shoes & socks. DE has purchased many a pair of shoes from her and here are the things she likes most about Deb's Adorables:

  • If Deb says the shoe fits they fit!
  • Her customer service is second to none!
  • She ships fast!**

Most of Debs shoes are custom made for the particular doll that is going to wear them. Thats why they fit so well & can not always be shared with other dolls. Not only are her prices competitive but her shipping charges are extremely reasonable as well. And now she also sells internationally, too. We're sure that if you're looking for doll shoes, you will love Deb's Adorables.

Deb would like to move away from ebay and is currently working on a website (we were privileged to see her first page and it was awesome) but it is not done yet. We will be sure to make an announcement when she gets her site up and running. We highly recommend Deb! With Deb, there is no "If the shoe fits...." because with Deb, the shoe DOES fit! ( )

4.) We thought having a doll photography tip of the month would be an interesting feature for our newsletter. Lots of people photograph their dolls for various reasons and since I’ve taken tons of photos, perhaps some of you would enjoy my thoughts on doll photography every once in a while.

This month I've written a little challenge for all you photographers out there and hope it might get you to think about your photographs a little differently. It's a little too in-depth to put here because it comes with photo examples so I placed it in a separate area for all you subscribers. (Click here to go there and read the doll photography tip for this month)

Note: If you're into photography and aren't afraid of vampires you should consider the photo contest listed in Haute Doll magazine this month. (April 2009) Winner gets $75.00

Well that's about it for our first newsletter, hope you liked it and feel free to pass it on to your friends if you feel they would benefit from it. Thanks again for subscribing and see you next month.

Frank and DE