Doll Clothes are Only the Beginning!

If you're looking to outfit your doll, you've come to the right place! Learn about doll clothes sewing techniques, fabrics, trims, doll photography and fun ways to enhance your doll play and collecting experience.

Hi and welcome to our website. DE (Darling Elizabeth) has been making doll clothes for over 40 years. She designs the patterns and makes practically all her clothes from scratch. She creates doll hats and doll shoes as well. And here's the good news, we want to share this knowledge with you.

So who's your favorite doll? Is she an American Girl or a baby doll? An Asian ball-jointed doll? Perhaps she's a vintage doll or something in between? There's sure to be something here for you.

ball jointed doll

Just a few of the topics you can explore are:

ball jointed doll

Basic Sewing Instruction

Free Patterns


Product Overviews

Supply Sources

Sewing Glossary

Ask Elizabeth (FAQ and replies)

Are you looking for fabric? Well here you go.. Coupon Corner

But that's not all. Does your doll need a wig? How about eyes? Want to learn how to re-string a doll? Or for you BJD owners, how about a glue sueding tutorial? Terrific! We're here to help you.

victorian doll dress

What about just plain fun? We like to play with our dolls too! We create costumes, stories, and displays which we photograph and share with others. Some of our photographs and stories have appeared in national doll magazines.

As you can see, this site isn't just about doll clothing. It's about making doll collecting more enjoyable for you. I hope we accomplish our goal. Oh and by the way, my name is Frank. My job is to take the pictures and say sweet things about my Darling Elizabeth (DE).

This is a brand new site and is being updated on a regular basis. There are lots of pages yet to come. If you found us at this early stage keeping checking back.

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Free Patterns For Making Doll Clothes
Free patterns for doll clothes and how to use them
Doll Tutorials Page
Doll tutorials found on this site as well as other places
The Right Sewing Fabric Choices for Your Doll Clothes
Making the right sewing fabric choices for your doll clothes makes all the difference.
A portfolio of doll clothes
Sewing doll clothes has always been DE's passion. Want to see some of the doll clothing she has made?
Sewing Questions
Do you have sewing questions? Are you stuck somewhere in your dolly project and don't know what to do..then
A Doll Photography Tutorial of Tips and Tricks
This doll photography tutorial of tips and tricks may help you improve your shot.
Machine Eats Fabric
Help ! My sewing machine eats fabric!
Just what is a bjd anyway? What do I need to know to outfit it?
Great Doll Links Relating to Clothes, Shops, Photos, Props and More
Awesome doll links and some banner links to tell others about us
Bjd Tutorial On How To Glue Suede Your Doll
Here's a BJD tutorial on the fine art of glue sueding your doll
Doll play: Photostories, doll accessories, and more
Some dolls don't just sit on the shelf. Doll play takes on a new meaning when dolls become actors.
The Doll Clothes Blog
The Doll Clothes Blog keeps you up to date on additions and changes made to pages within website. Subscribe here.
Sales Page
This sales page is for items we periodically have up for sale.
About Us
Learn more about us and how we got into doll collecting and this website.
Doll Photo Story Act 2
Doll photo story Hidden Agenda Act 2
The Pose - Photography tip 2
The importance of the pose in doll photography
Doll Photo Story Act 3
Doll photo story Hidden Agenda Act 3
Ball Jointed Doll Art: The Making of a Photograph
Making a photograph of your ball jointed doll is an art form. Here is an article on how I do it.
Doll Swimsuit Designs by Elizabeth (DE)
Doll swimsuit designs recently created for the Iplehouse EID doll
Contact Us Page
Contact us page
A Ball Jointed Doll Adventure
A ball jointed doll adventure featuring Hunt and Lassiter